Mic Bags

Exterior Construction
TSA-Approved Locks
Fitted Interior
Microphone Type
Hierarchy Category
Cable Length
Silent Switch Included
End Orientation
Connector Gender
Connector Type
12 Microphones Bag

Padded Bag for Up to 12 Mics w/ Exterior Pockets for Cables

Wireless System Lightweight Case

EVA Foam Case for A Single Wireless Mic System; half rack

2 Wireless Systems Bag

Padded Bag for 2 Wireless Mic Systems

4 Microphones Bag

Padded Bag for Up to 4 Mics w/ Exterior Pockets for Cables

5 Wireless Systems Bag

Padded Bag for 5 Wireless Mic Systems

Carry Bag for Shure BLX and Similar Systems

Carry Bag to Hold Shure BLX Style Wireless Systems with Two Microphones and Two Bodypacks

Wireless System Bag

Padded bag for a single wireless mic system

Soft Bag For Studio Mics – 3 Pack

Soft Bag for Studio Mics – 3 Pack

Soft Bag For Studio Mics

Soft Bag for Studio Mics


Touring musicians and audio production companies often have to take their equipment on the road, especially microphones. The right carrying bag can secure your valuable mics and protect them from other heavy equipment.

A mic bag can be the perfect solution to keep your microphones safe during travel. Gator manufactures protective microphone bags that are easy to carry and store. Use our Case Finder tool to determine the right bag for your microphone or wireless system. 

Why Choose Gator Microphone Bags?

Microphone bags are an excellent option for those looking for a safe and easy way to transport their microphones. At Gator, we’re proud to make some of the most reliable microphone bags on the market. We design each bag with great attention to the things you need in a microphone carrier. Our mic bags contain flexible and protective fibers and soft interior padding to keep your microphones safe throughout your trip. 

Protection is a priority, and Gator goes even further. Choose a Gator bag for one lightweight, durable solution to your microphone transportation needs. We include features like storage compartments, handles and straps that make gigging easier. What’s more, each Gator mic bag comes with a limited lifetime warranty covering material and manufacturing defects. 

Our Microphone Bags

Gator microphone bags make transporting your mics to and from gigs easier than ever. Choose our bags to carry your mics, wireless rigs, stands and more. 

GM Microphone Bags

The GM series features a 600-denier nylon exterior complete with zipper pockets, strong hardness and an adjustable strap. On the inside, each case has room for either 12 or four dynamic microphones. Interior foam with individual drop holes for each mic ensures that the bag’s contents stay safe during transportation. Choose the GM series for a lightweight microphone carry bag with reliable protection features. 

GM Wireless Microphone Bags

We design GM series microphone bags for wireless microphones. These cases feature the same nylon exteriors and padded interiors as other GM models with the addition of custom foam to fit different wireless microphone systems. Browse our catalog to find GM series wireless microphone bags for one-, two- and five-mic systems. We also manufacture bags for specific systems, like the Shure BLX and comparable models. 

Microphone Stand Bags

Our microphone stand bags can hold three stands each, as well as five microphones and numerous cables. The bags have three separate compartments so the stands are safe from each other. Carry your mic stand bag by the webbed handles or padded carrying strap.

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