Lighting Cases

Cable Length
Silent Switch Included
End Orientation
Connector Gender
Connector Type
ATA LED PAR 64 Transport Case

12mm Tour-Style Case for Eight (8) LED PAR 64 Light Fixtures

ATA Leko Style Lighting Fixture Case

Tour-Style case for Eight (8) Leko-Style Lighting Fixtures

Case Carries 4 Par 64 LED’s

Par Can Light Case w/ Tow Handle, Wheels, & Removable hook & loop Dividers; Holds Four (4) Par 64 LED’s

Flight Case for Two 250-Style Moving Head Lights

G-Tour Flight Case for Two 250-Style Moving Head Lights

Flight Case for Two 350-Style Moving Head Lights

G-Tour Flight Case for Two 350-Style Moving Head Lights


Stage Lighting Road Cases

Taking your show on the road means bringing everything you need for a memorable performance. Lighting is a crucial aspect of a stage show, and you need a reliable way to take your stage lighting rigs on tour. 

Gator has a solution. Our stage lighting hard cases provide a safe, convenient way to transport various types of lighting rigs. Use our Case Finder tool to search your lighting gear and determine the best carrying case for you. 

Why Choose Gator Cases for Stage Lighting Equipment? 

Musicians and live production companies across the nation choose Gator Cases for their gear. Our hard cases for lighting systems put you in greater control of your shows. Purchase a Gator stage lighting road case to benefit from: 


  • Mobility: Hauling heavy lighting rigs is easy with Gator Cases. Our hard cases have sturdy wheels and padded handles, so you can load and unload your gear with ease. 
  • Durability: Gator Cases have the strength you need to take the risk out of traveling with your lighting equipment. We build our cases with the strongest materials and hardware to keep your lighting safe in any full van or airplane. 
  • Reliability: At Gator, we understand the value of quality. We take great care when designing and constructing our cases. Gator Cases come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers any manufacturing or material defects.


G-Tour Lighting Cases

Our G-Tour series has hard cases for various types of lighting systems. Each case offers supreme durability, thanks to three-eights-inch plywood connected by aluminum hardware and a sturdy valance. Ball corners on all sides bolster these cases’ impact resistance in vital areas. Each G-Tour model comes with custom foam built to secure the relevant lighting system on the inside. The interior walls feature textile lining to prevent scratches. Four secure latches ensure the lid holds tightly during your entire trip. 

Protection is only part of what makes the G-Tour lighting cases great. We design these cases with mobility and convenience in mind. Each model comes with four swivel casters that enable easy motion along any smooth surface. We include spring-loaded handles with padded grips for comfort. You can purchase G-Tour cases for moving-head, Leko and PAR 64 lights. 

Find a Dealer

Lighting carry cases from the Gator family of brands are some of the most reliable for touring musicians and audio production companies that care about professional stage performances. You can find our cases at stores across the United States and through various popular online retailers. We encourage you to find a dealer near you to see where you can purchase our hard lighting cases and other products. 

Become a Dealer

Gator Cases are popular with customers throughout the United States. Carrying our lighting cases can help you gain more customers and boost sales. We invite you to become a dealer today by following a few easy steps. Our partners benefit from excellent customer service and an inventory of dependable products, so get started now!