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Keyboard Cases

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Keyboard Cases

When you have practice on the other end of town or a gig the next city over, having a reliable way to transport your keyboard is essential. The right case will protect your gear while still being easy to carry around and store. Gator keyboard hard cases offer the right blend of durability and mobility for musicians on the go. Check out our keyboard cases below and find a dealer to order yours. 

Get a Gator for Your Keyboard 

Quality counts, especially when protecting your valuable instruments. Gator produces high-quality products for keyboard transportation that players in cities across the United States trust. We build our hard keyboard cases using the strongest materials, like heavy-duty plywood and polyethylene. Our cases will keep your keyboard safe during the entire trip, whether it’s alone in a trunk or packed into a full touring van. 

A great keyboard case goes beyond material quality. You need a case that’s going to meet your specific needs. We know every keyboardist is different, which is why Gator cases are available in numerous sizes and styles. We have a case for you whether you play a 49-, 61-, 76- or 88-note keyboard. Each case features useful pockets and pouches to hold your cables, pedals, sheet music and anything else you’ll need to play. Count on Gator for a music keyboard case that hits every note. 

Our Leading Keyboard Cases

Gator Cases leads the industry with products that offer reliable protection, convenient features and diverse options. Browse our keyboard case catalog for lines that cater to musicians at any level: 

  • G-Tour Keyboard: G-Tour Keyboard cases offer the highest level of protection for musicians with busy gigging and touring schedules. These slender cases feature heavy-duty plywood with metal edges, ball corners, twist latches and spring handles for the ultimate road-worthy package. 
  • TSA Keyboard: Our TSA Keyboard cases will protect your instrument during air travel while following the TSA’s standards for latches. These hard polyethylene cases with soft interior foam will keep your keyboard safe no matter what it experiences between destinations. 
  • GK Keyboard: The GK Keyboard series is a line of lightweight, semirigid keyboard cases. These cases feature soft tricot foam and a polyethylene frame on the inside with a nylon exterior. Wheels and padded straps make transportation a breeze. 
  • GK-Midi: The perfect package for the modern musician, the GK-Midi is a rolling bag with space for a MIDI keyboard and laptop, plus additional compartments for your MIDI cable, adapters, charger and more. 

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It’s important that your keyboard makes it to and from every jam, rehearsal, show or tour in peak condition, so choose a Gator case you know you can trust. Our cases are available online and in stores across the U.S., so find a dealer to see where you can buy yours. 

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Interested in offering your customers the highest level of protection for their instruments? You can become a dealer and start carrying Gator cases. Getting started is as easy as telling us about your business, so submit your application today.