52″ Utility Cart – All Terrain-GFW-UTL-CART52AT
52″ Utility Cart – All Terrain-GFW-UTL-CART52AT
52″ Utility Cart – All Terrain-GFW-UTL-CART52AT
52″ Utility Cart – All Terrain-GFW-UTL-CART52AT
52″ Utility Cart – All Terrain-GFW-UTL-CART52AT
52″ Utility Cart – All Terrain-GFW-UTL-CART52AT
52″ Utility Cart – All Terrain-GFW-UTL-CART52AT
52″ Utility Cart – All Terrain-GFW-UTL-CART52AT
52″ Utility Cart – All Terrain-GFW-UTL-CART52AT
52″ Utility Cart – All Terrain-GFW-UTL-CART52AT
52″ Utility Cart – All Terrain-GFW-UTL-CART52AT
52″ Utility Cart – All Terrain-GFW-UTL-CART52AT
52″ Utility Cart – All Terrain-GFW-UTL-CART52AT
52″ Utility Cart – All Terrain-GFW-UTL-CART52AT

52″ Utility Cart – All Terrain


All-Terrain Folding Multi-Utility Cart with 30-52″ Extension & 500 lbs. Load Capacity

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  • All-Terrain Folding Multi-Utility Cart with 30-52” Extension & 500 lbs. Load Capacity
  • Rugged 10.25”/260mm Rear Tires for Travel Over Gravel, Grass & Other Rough Terrains
  • 8”/203mm Locking Front Casters with No-Flutter Design and Durable, Long-Lasting Tread Prevent Unwanted Noise & Cart Wobble
  • Heavy-Duty Welded Steel Frame with Non-Skid Grip Tape Surface
  • Transforms into Eight Different Configurations for Carrying a Wide Variety of Equipment
  • Non-Pneumatic Tires for Hassle-Free Operation
  • Tightening Knobs & Spring Clip Safely Secure Cargo Platform Length
  • Cargo Platform Length Extends from 30”/762mm to 52”/1321mm
  • Max Load Capacity: 500 lbs./226.8 kg
  • Equipped with Stair Climbers & Folding Handles for Easy Transport
  • Exterior Dimensions (Compact & Collapsed): 34.5”/876mm (L) x 19.25”/489mm (W) x 13.5”/343mm (H). Net Weight: 38 lbs./17.2 kg

The all-terrain multi-utility cart by Gator Frameworks hauls your gear to its destination without any hassle. Constructed of a heavy-duty, welded steel frame, the cart will bear the abuse of multiple trips with a maximum load capacity of 500 lbs. The GFW-UTL-CART52AT comes loaded with rugged, 10.25”/260mm rear tires for traveling over rough terrains such as gravel, dirt, grass, and uneven grounds. The no-flutter locking swivel casters on front (8”/203mm) are specially designed to counteract cart wobble and prevent any unwanted noise. Engage the locking casters when on an incline to prevent your cargo from rolling away during loading and unloading. The cart easily adapts to a variety of needs with its eight different configurations: Compact Dual-Handle, Extended

Dual-Handle, Compact Single-Handle, Extended Single-Handle, Compact Collapsed, Extended Collapsed, Compact Upright, and Extended Upright. Step down on the bottom release latches to fold down both side handles for enabling different configurations. The cart will extend from its most compact size at 30”/762mm to a maximum of 52”/1321mm. Non-pneumatic tires keep your gear rolling without having to worry about punctures leaving you flat. Additionally, non-slip grip surfaces and stair climbers help keep your gear from sliding off the platform during movement. The GFW-UTL-CART52AT is a great solution for moving the equipment associated with DJ and live audio, photography, and videography, trade shows and corporate events, and many other uses. Transport your gear safely in one trip with the all-terrain utility cart by Gator Frameworks.

Product Specs
  • Model: GFW-UTL-CART52AT
  • UPC: 716408551555
Interior Dimensions Exterior Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Length 30.13" 34.5" -
Width 12.25" 19.25" -
Height - 13.5" 9.84"
Weight - -

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Product Testimonials


“Gator cases are by far the best in the business. It puts my mind at ease knowing that my in-ear monitor system is protected while I’m on the road, thanks to Gator’s high-quality components and the heavy-duty build on my Titan Series Utility case.”

“I love the Pro Go line for touring but for day to day gigs, lessons and sessions the Transit series is what I go with.”

Eric Brewer