5 pack of 5 inch MERV 13 filters

5 pack of 5 inch MERV 13 filters – GBELLCVR0405BK

Black Bell Cover With Merv 13 Filter, 4-5 Inches

Wind Instrument Double-Layer Cover for Bell Sizes Ranging from 4 to 5-Inches – Black Color

Trumpet Case

Deluxe Molded Case for Trumpets

Trumpet Lightweight Case Design

Rigid EPS Polyfoam Lightweight Case for Trumpet


Trumpet Cases

Trumpets are valuable instruments. Whether you rent or own your trumpet, keeping it in good condition is a priority. A dependable case can give you confidence in your trumpet’s safety any time you take it on the road. Gator Cases develops sturdy trumpet travel cases that make safe transportation possible. You can count on our cases to get your trumpet to the gig and back good as new. Browse our trumpet hard cases and use our Case Finder tool to ensure the fit is right. 

Why Get a Gator for Your Trumpet? 

Every trumpet player needs a protective case for their instrument, and there’s one manufacturer that players across the United States trust. At Gator Cases, we produce trumpet cases that safely get instruments to and from rehearsals and gigs. Our hard trumpet cases feature durable exterior materials and soft interior padding to absorb impacts without disturbing the instrument. High-quality hardware ensures our cases hold fast through travel. We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all cases to back our manufacturing and craftsmanship.

Gator Cases protect instruments while making life easier for busy trumpet players. Key features like bolted handles, shoulder-strap rings and lightweight materials make our cases easy for any player to carry. Choose Gator Cases for your trumpet to enjoy every rehearsal and show more knowing your instrument is in a strong, travel-friendly case. 

Gator Cases GC Series for Trumpets

The trumpet cases from Gator Cases are protective and versatile. Our signature hard case for trumpets is the GC-TRUMPET from the GC Band series. 

This deluxe molded trumpet case features a durable acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material (ABS) exterior with a sleek black coating for peak protection and professionalism. The case’s triple chrome-plated hardware, lockable latches and aluminum valance keep the lid shut tight. 

On the inside, the plush-lined expanded polystyrene (EPS) material forms around the trumpet to hold it in place and retain the instrument’s brilliant finish. The case also includes a convenient mouthpiece slot. 

The GC-TRUMPET has exterior features that enable safe, hassle-free transportation. The bolt-on handle with a contoured grip is durable and comfortable. Additional d-rings on either side attach to straps to convert the GC-TRUMPET into an over-the-shoulder trumpet case. Rubber feet on the bottom protect the case while preventing it from sliding. 

Buy a Gator Trumpet Case From a Trusted Dealer Today

Protect your trumpet’s value and ensure it’s always ready to play by carrying it in a hard case from Gator Cases. Our industry-leading trumpet cases are the standard for new players and professionals alike. You can find Gator Cases in stores nationwide or online through many of the retailers you trust. Find a dealer in your area today to order your trumpet case.

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